Curriculum Vitae

Cohen Yohai


1998 - 2001 B. Sc Mathematics from the Hebrew university in Jerusalem.

Employment History

2009- present

A professional Software designer, Systems architect, system IT manager and DB Manager. Scaling and balancing applications via Big Data platforms.

Founder & CEO of Gilasio Coding a company who offers software solutions for server-side, local client and web apps, supporting multiple-platform's interoperability coding that includes Microsoft, Mac, and Linux OS. Algorithmic development for complex systems in the field of NLP research and server side development for the software arena.

Chief developer for CSOC project

Ben Gurion University

Chief developer for the CSOC project – database and UI for the Center for the Study of Conversion and Inter-Religious Encounters.

CTO, Chief algorithm & development for IARPA project (U.S-D.O.D funded)

Ben Gurion University

Chief algorithm development for the field of NLP research and development for IARPA project

Chief algorithm & development for PEDESIS project (ISRAEL-D.O.D funded)

Ben Gurion University

Chief algorithm development for the field of NLP research and development for PEDESIS project

AAA development and integration

Bank of Jerusalem

Developing and integrating the AAA solution for the Bank

Server side developer for AAA


Development and integration of AAA solution for the financial branch

Data handling and retrival


Developing a modern day brown corpus solution in all aspects

Algorithms developer for an interactive study research

Institute of Education, University of London

Developing data handling and BI on research study made in the British school system

Developing multimedia library


Developed a library for multimedia files for metadata editing on multiple types of OS and devices

Cross platforms development


Various development on a cross platforms OS and devices

2007 – 2008

Senior Software Engineer in Dyuna Blue LTD

A Start-up handling digital content worldwide sharing platform

Designing and building key parts of the platform for the content sharing from the TRS through detailed design and the coding of it.

Trans-coding media content for compatibility with various mobile phones through specs. Main module DB design and implementation, main libraries design and coding. Global servers monitoring system design and coding. Compatibility system for mobile phone and best fit of content design and coding.

2006 – 2007

Senior Software Engineer in TeleLine information Services LTD

Designing and building the on-line services for content, managing the team of developers and the technologies providers.

Managing the IT systems, network, Web, WAP and streaming.

Developer and manager of the Interactive voice response (IVR) system

Military Service

1993 - 1997 Hydraulic aviation technician at Nevatim AFB


Hebrew – native

English – fluent

Professional Qualifications

C#, C , C++ , Delphi , Java, Python.

MVC, ASP.NET, Web-Services, Soap, XML, JavaScript.

Oracle, MY-SQL, MS-SQL.

Various MS-OS, Novel, FW-1, Micro-IVR, Linux , Mac.

Node.js , Redis , Nginx , MongoDB.